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Awww, I feel sad that this season's over! I've had so much fun with your recaps and this blog, and you do an amazing job! Thanks for letting us play in your sandbox, hunty! Xo!


Love it. Love you. Love all around.

And yeah... I want a top three where everyone is being helpful and keep throwing the judges for a loop as queens go "well, you love the hair but it was really this awesome-faced lady who spent an hour and a can of aquanet..." "and my makeup improvements that you adore was the result of this beehive-for-the-gods-bewigged consultation..." "And I wouldn't have been able to put together this outfit that's making you gag if they both hadn't come over with samples of their wardrobe to tie it (and the corset) all together..."


You've been a pleasure darling - best re-cap of them all.

Alaska just HAS to win. I don't know how I'll cope if she doesn't.

TEAM ALASKA - get voting people!

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