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The Wilhelm Scream

Hahaha, I am living for that gif of Jinkx and Coco. What the hell is up with Coco's hand?

Also, I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the potential for psychological trauma when it comes to reality shows like this.

Thanks for another fabulous recap!


(Curse you, Typepad, for not letting me in under my Twitter account!) Oh well - my preferred method of posting aside, let's do this!

AMAZING recap/gifcap as always, girl - thank you!

I was SO excited that Jinkx won her second challenge for that look, and as soon as you mentioned Sharon, I went "YES!" Because - naturally, that's what I was thinking about during the show. I thought, "They have to give her the win for this, right? Because they totally used to reward Sharon for runway looks like this."

I'm still not sure about a Jinkx/Roxxxy final two. I just don't see it. You're right, the editing is pointing that way. But Roxxxy's been fairly underwhelming, with this week being an exception. I really don't like Roxxxy to be honest, but I'll be fair - she was good this week. But I don't see her as top two when Alaska's still in this race. I think Jinkx will be top two, but I think it's going to be with Alaska.

I completely agree with you about the amount of meltdowns and really heartbreaking confessionals this season. It's almost cruel to do that to them - alcohol, no support system, no sleep, etc. Of course it's going to be "Commence...Melt...DOWN!" If there's any silver lining, I just really hope that somehow these moments are cathartic for them. My heart broke for Detox this week, as it did for Jinkx and Roxxxy after the Roast.

And to leave off on a happy note, "AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! You know, dat's true, we never talk about food!" absolutely killed me!


Oh! And one other thing - "The Turning Point" - YES! You must see this movie! It's got everything - gorgeous ballet, a rooftop motherfuckin' cat fight, *complete* with evening gowns billowing out into the wind! And a 29-year-old Mikhail Baryshnikov, who - back then - was still a total top-shelf honey! It's one of my favorites!


No T no shade, but I'm pretty sure you missed the fact that Ru and Detox were joking when Ru stated Detox must be playing the virgin...

Lurv your recaps to death.

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