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GIRL, you need to stop making me laugh while I have a diet Coke in front of me - I'm too young to asphyxiate! ("You can go straight to gay hell as far as he's concerned" - DIED!)

Can I just tell you my favorite GIF? The big, enormous, sparkly crown, *SITTING ON TOP* of a ginormous pile of money! I cracked the hell up - the two together make up the most gloriously tacky thing I've ever seen!

And, yes, I'm on board with Roxxxy's apology. You know...AGAIN. And AGAIN. Oh yeah, and AGAIN. I just think that if Gloria Allred can have a sense of humor about being on this show, then Roxxxy should probably just relax and think about switching to decaf, you know?

Because, really - whether she realizes it or not, Roxxxy IS funny. For as much as she gets her panties in a bunch at Jinkx and Alaska for having the audacity to be funny, she seems to forget that she was in the top three for TWO comedy challenges - Snatch Game and Telenovela. And while no one could touch Jinkx in both of those, still - she *was* in the top three. I'm just sayin'. Have a tall cool glass of "Calm the Hell Down", Roxxx.

Has this episode changed my mind about anybody? Hell no, hon! It's still Monsoon Season at the Crappiest Little Hovel in Queens, NY (a.k.a My Apartment)!

I'm so glad I got to read this before heading out for the weekend tomorrow (we're heading out on a road trip starting at 6 AM, and not much internet access to be had!) - it made me all happy like a Muppet, as usual! Thanks, boo! Xo!!

Black Delphinium

The Award for Best Ass Kiss goes to Santino Rice!


"implying that Jinkx, Alaska, and RuPaul's Drag Race itself are making fun of drag in a way that demeans the art of drag."

Well she wasn't implying it she was screaming that verbatim.

Anyway, Mathu is the highlight of every season and Ryan too. OMG I die.

No surprise Roxxxy can't even get along with Gloria Allred FFS. She's damn lucky she got the compliments she did - I though I heard Mathu state Jinkx slayed the video the best but we never heard that on the runway, nach.

Thanks for all your hard work and great recaps. I'm glad it's over after two back to back obnoxious seasons.


So many people seem to hate Jinkx's dress but I like it and think she looks gorgeous. I am a sucker for purple though... Obv Roxxxy and Alaska looked lurvely too.

I've been trying to work out what I didn't like about Alaska's conversation with RuPaul and kind of struggling but here goes... Well, it's two things really - the more I think about it, the more I dislike the 'first couple of drag' thing being part of the narrative on the show. I think it's fine for fans but I don't like it in the show - it suggests that Alaska relationship is part of the consideration in terms of the winner. But I also don't like that Alaska compared herself to Kate Middleton. I am as much of a fan of Kate as any card carrying member of the Commonwealth so I'm not trying to be rude about her but the the fact is, Kate is the commoner who has married into the royal family. That's why the analogy isn't working for me. Maybe I'm overthinking? I just feel like that comparison is another thing diminishing Alaska. Like she is the commoner who will be made great by winning RPDR because she is Sharon Needles' boyfriend. As Michelle would say: NO.

This series, Alaska has done a great job of stepping away from Sharon's shadow and now here we are at the end of it and they're bringing it back in? If Alaska wins, I want it to be because she is ALASKA THUNDERFUCK 5000. Not because she is half of Alaska ♥s Sharon. Whyyyyy did they have to bring it up on the show? I really wish they hadn't!

Anyway, regardless of what I think, it'll be interesting to see what happens. I still have my fingers crossed for Jinkx.


I love your recaps.. and I'm glad you got the font thing figured out cause I DIED with #allredography and had to go back to the tape to make sure they didn't do that for reals.

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