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Jinkx's shortcoming this week shows how a strength quickly becomes a weakness. Being completely committed to her character failed Jinkx this time. Being fashion forward is not a quality her character possesses; those first two looks were too old. With that being said, her "reindeer monster in July" was the most refreshing thing on the runway. It was a very interesting concept, not well executed, but very interesting. Jinkx, besides Detox, is the only one willing to do something bold and unexpected.

And, that's my main reservation about Alaska. She is well rounded, her styles were on point and good, but she has never done something where I gasped or I was really intrigued. She plays it safe. Safe can be good, but I want to drop my jaw, really be taken aback.

Roxxxy is so polished and she is mostly well rounded as long as she doesn't have to joke around with anyone. She clearly can't tell the difference between an insult and a joke. She has a lot of growth to do in terms of being open minded and creating acceptance. That is by far her weakest point and she can't represent Drag Race with the attitude she has displayed on the show.


Team Alaska!




I completely disagree for once ;)

Jinkx is staunchly committed to her character and was not going to middle-of-the-road it.

What you saw was the ACTUAL Jinkx Monsoon's sweet sixteen and how she would approach an office job.

It's really exhausting having NOBODY understand the concept of a Character Queen even while flailing all over about Sharon FFS. People how about you understand what you're flaily about or it it because you love The Walking Dead.

Obviously Varla Jean Merman would never pass muster with RPDR fans, and Jinkx Monsoon is an even more committed high concept than Varla from what I remember.

The criticism of the judges on the XMAS was stupid. Hello? Candy. Christmas Candy Red & White and incorporate an iconic Rudolph. Whatever.

OH and they actually said something positive along the line about Detox 80's I forget exactly who/what. OH SO, Detox doing 80's is ok but JInkx doing 70's is escandalo.

Yes, now she's had to purchase some more "fashionable" stuff for the road to meet the needs of RPDR fan tours but even so she is NOT changing Jinkx Monsoon, decidedly unfashionable INTENTION. Even her most beautiful outfits now generally have the "wrong" something or holes in the fishnets etc.

The bitch is committed and fearless. Just like taking The Vaudevillians to The Beechman in July. Thank goodness she's working on her third sellout so the audience will be Jinkxd in advance cuz I'm not so sure it's the average NYC cabaret goer's fare. I hope she proves me wrong.

And I'll never pay money at a drag show for a black cocktail dress, black pantsuit, or blue womanwear suit - all available from Macy's for decades.

Thanks for all your hard work :)


Giiirlll! You scared the hell outta me on Twitter - the way you were talking, I thought you were gonna read my little Jinkxy Luv for filth! But really, what you said about her wasn't all *that* bad - I mean, hey, our little duck had a bad week. You had to be honest about her shortcomings. All of us knew she'd have a problem with a challenge like this. I thought you were honest and very diplomatic 'bout it! And you know, I love my Jinkxy, but I really didn't like those first two looks. I did love her kooky candy dress, and I swear to you, I *swear*, if I ever decide to register an anonymous screen name somewhere, I'm calling myself "Peppermint Venison" or "The Abominable Snow Jinkx"! Those are fabulous!

That lip synch? EPIC!! I am telling you one thing about our Miss Monsoon - that right there is a girl who knows how to make the best out of a bad situation - she slayed that! Much as I didn't want her to be in the bottom ever, that was honestly probably one of my favorite lip synchs that I've seen.

And by the way, YES! You have been saying what I've been saying for weeks now - the editing is painting a clear picture that Roxxxy isn't getting near that crown. Not happening, final three or not. Because, here's the way I see it - if the winner has already been crowned, and we're simply going to find out on the finale, the editing is clearly letting us know Roxxxy's not winning. I do appreciate her apologies to Jinkx, and the one on FB was particularly heartfelt. It was the posting of someone who knew they screwed up and just threw themselves on the mercy of the public. That being said, I get that it was clearly a stressful situation, but she was just insufferable on the show. And the editors wouldn't be showing us such a totally unpleasant side of someone they were about to crown the winner. I'm guessing she can do no better than third.

I think Alaska was the proper winner of this challenge - she brought it in all three looks. She could have the win in her back pocket, having such a strong showing this close to the finale. I'd rather have Jinkx win, but if she doesn't, I can think of no one better for her to lose to than Alaska - she's been my second favorite all season.

Poor Detox - I liked her, but she just wasn't bringing it. I wish her well - given some of her online postings, it sounds like she's had a tough time of it. I am really glad to hear that her Dad's cancer free! Nine years ago, we lost my brother, so I know how it feels, how scary it is. My family would have given anything to have had a good outcome. So I always get extra excited when I hear about someone who's beat it. I'm ridiculously happy for Detox and Papa Detox!

Awesome recap as always, hon! Xo!


Ahhh, so of course, the minute I turned off my computer and headed to bed, I remembered what I wanted to tell you about a post I saw at TLo's site.

I was reading the Bitter Kitten comments about this episode, and one of them pops in and says, "What the hell happened last night? I turned on 'Untucked', and Roxxxy and Detox were tearing away at Jinkx like she was made out of ham!" I had the misfortune of reading this at work, and I just put my head down on my desk and let out this horrible, undignified cackling laughter for about a solid minute!


Once again you nailed it. Jinkx is still my favorite to win though, but I think you are right in saying that Alaska has done everything right in order to win. That's a criticism at the same time though, of the show really. The ball challenge is the most explicit reference to Paris Is Burning and I think reveals what RuPaul had in mind when he created the show. It's just that, that documentary, that scene is completely irrelevant to me. The category of executive realness was there for people to act as straight as possible and embody a straight executive because they knew they could never be one, being gay and Black. Sure Alaska's execution was amazing, but in the end it was really rather boring. What's the point of it? Impersonation? Why?

I guess my point is that Drag Race is in danger of becoming irrelevant if it conforms to any norms. I want to watch it for people like Jinkx to come to my attention. Completely original, not giving a fuck about who she is supposed to be according to other people. That's why I liked Sharon. I don't get the same desire to stand out from Alaska. She has had some extremely uninteresting looks come down the runway (purple ice, all the LBD's). The ball challenge was actually right up her alley, because the first two looks were all about how to conform to a certain norm. I liked the candy couture, but please, it's an amalgamation of Vivienne Pinay's and Raja's dresses.

Even though Jinkx's execution didn't do it for me this episode, the ideas were solid (okay maybe not the librarian, but at least the LaCroix inspired dress was a reference to Edwina Monsoon, Jinkx's "sugar mama," no?).


See, I disagree with part of the previous comment. I think that "realness" challenges really aim to test a queen's ability to be a chameleon. It's a great testament to her resourcefulness, and to her ability to adapt her character to whatever is required of her. While Jinkx's substitute teacher was funny and quirky and very Jinkxy, she failed, IMO, to stay within the parameters imposed by Ru. It's like if you're playing cards, and the game is poker, but all you're doing is building a house of cards. You can be very talented at making those cards stand up, some people might even commend you on not giving a shit and doing your own thing, since you're so good at it. But at the end of the day, the game was poker and that house of cards will not be what you needed to do to win that game of poker.

I think it takes great talent and restraint to manage creativity within predetermined boundaries. So I don't think the ball/realness challenges are completely irrelevant outside of the ball scene, I just think they test another aspect of the art of drag.


I agree with you, Interrobang82, it's another aspect of drag. It's more of how you approach the show I think. I think Jinkx is the breakout star, emphasis on breakout. She's got a career beyond the show. I don't know if Alaska has that sort of charisma. She's very funny, in a sarcastic way, but when you think beyond America's Next Drag Superstar, I don't see her doing much. Next to her own Underground scene of course.

I think Jinkx brought in star quality beyond Drag Race, which is why everyone was so threatened by her. She's been playing her own game. It all comes down to what RuPaul thinks. I just hope he crowns the one that does her own thing and believes in herself completely. When it comes down to who challenged perceptions the most, it would be Jinkx, no?


Jonathan said: "I guess my point is that Drag Race is in danger of becoming irrelevant if it conforms to any norms. I want to watch it for people like Jinkx to come to my attention. Completely original, not giving a fuck about who she is supposed to be according to other people. That's why I liked Sharon. I don't get the same desire to stand out from Alaska."

Yup, yup, yup, I agree 100%. Y'all know I'm firmly Team Jinkx, with Alaska coming up as a hot second place in my heart. I *want* Jinkx to win this, but I'd be cool with Alaska winning it. However, all that being said, Jonathan, I think you really nailed it for me as to why I think Jinkx deserves the crown, over-all, more than Alaska does. Let's face it, when Alaska has brought it, she has BROUGHT it, so no one's saying she hasn't worked hard when it's counted. But I don't see her doing that as *often* as Jinkx has.


Great recap as always! Reading your recaps is like an important part of the show each week now - watch the show, watch Untucked, read your recap, wash, rinse, repeat.
Reading the recap and thinking over everything (and looking at the outfits) made me realise that I didn't really enjoy this week's episode that much. I have only watched it once (and that in a jumbled order) and I haven't gone back and watched it again because I just wasn't that into it. There was (obviously) a lot of nastiness going on which I didn't enjoy, the Sugar Babies thing was pointless - I know it was more of a throw-in to make things difficult for our queens but I wish it could've been a better throw-in.
And my other problem is, as other commenters have kind of said, the outfits just aren't that great either. When I watched the show I felt sure that Alaska deserved to win but looking at the pics I'm kind of wondering if my feelings about Roxxxy's behaviour were clouding things a bit? Looking again, I'm not sure whether Roxxxy's outfits weren't (slightly) better just because Alaska's were a tad... boring. And I say that as a Jinkx/Alaska fan. I do think Alaska's looks were more 'real' but is real what we want from sexy, sexy drag queens? Roxxxy's looks are more interesting than Alaska's. I am thankful Roxxxy didn't win though, she'd be unbearable next week and it'd make it harder for them not to crown her.
I kind of wish the episode had either made more of a thing out of Sugar Babies and dropped the Executive Realness/Sweet 16 looks OR dropped Sugar Babies and required more creativity/craftsmanship out of the three looks.
When it comes to the winner, I agree that it would be pretttty surprising if Roxxxy were to be crowned given the edit she's received. I'm a big fan of both Jinkx and Alaska so I'm going to be happy as long as one of them win. I do think if Alaska were to win it would be kind of coming from behind (teehee) though. Alaska may have won the most recent challenge (and never lip-synced) but she has still had more 'low's than Jinkx and fewer 'high's than Roxxxy.


...Plus, she's the previous winner's significant other, which I've always thought might hurt her chance to win in the long run. I know Alaska is her own person, but there's been chatter about that since she was cast.


Yeah totally. It leaves her in an awkward situation because if she wins some people will say it's because of Sharon and if she doesn't, some people will say it's because of Sharon...


Full disclosure: I've never been a fan of Roxxxy. As a pageant queen, she can definitely turn it when needed. What's more, I've noticed that she's definitely upped her ante as the season has progressed.

That said, I feel that the only thing she's got is Nerve. The ultra-cattiness that happened in this week's episode was awkward to watch. Though I'm glad that she realized how awful she was to Jinkx, her apology isn't enough for me to root for her.

Sadly for Jinkx, she pretty much bombed this week's challenge. Should she have listened to Mama Ru's advice about the dated feeling of her Super Duper Sweet 16 outfit? Yes. There was probably a way or two she could've updated the outfit (starting with ditching the hippie wig). OTOH, she's really talented and has enough Charisma to make her a true contender for the crown.

At the same time, I find myself rooting for Alaska. She's won me over, so I'm glad that she made it to Top 3.

Detox started really strong (she SERVED IT during that photoshoot in Episode 1) and then just sort of stagnated. IIRC, she did get a few comments toward the latter part of the season about the expectations Mama Ru and co. had for her.

I'll be cool with anyone OTHER than Roxxxy winning the crown.


Loved your recap as always.Honestly I have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot more than the episode lol. I mean I'm rooting for Jinkx but I've always liked Roxxxy.
Even if I didn't I don't find it fun to watch behavior like that by a person or to a person and I thought the way they edited the episode almost made it seem like WE were supposed to laugh at Jinkx. It was in bad taste and definitely not ALL Roxxxy's fault(although some of the things she said came of way harsher than what I think she intended so I think her apology was appropriate and I appreciated it.
What bothered me as well is that it seemed like BOTH Jinkx and Roxxxy suffered from some sort of "regression" if you will. We had already seen the "Jinkx is an underdog" story line play out: the rest of the queens underestimated and doubted her but she stuck to her guns while learning to refine and polish her look to impress the judges and she triumphed,the queens recognized her as a threat and so on; Roxxxy was taking her insecurities out on Jinkx BUT she apologized for it right after, and by episode 9 clearly recognized Jinkx's talent and voiced those thoughts on the runway and seemed to be on an uphill climb competition wise then suddenly it's like they both went right back to square one and now we need to see it play out all over again and it's just tiring and it made me frustrated with both of them.
Basically the only person the editing was really in favor this episode is Alaska.The problem is even though she's done well and deserves it just as much as the other girls I really doubt Ru'll give her the win so I'm still rooting for Jinkx and I hope she'll really kill it in the finale 3 episode so that I can forget this one.


I still think Jinkx, she is just all around the more entertaining performer. The show format is less flattering to many of Jinkx's talents, who can sing, dance, and present an utterly unique individual. Alaska has wit and style, but Jinkx has depth, character, and is the more inimitable queen. Also, having viewed her youtube videos, I would a thousand times rather be watching a Jinkx performance in a theater than one given by Alaska. Can she even hold a show all to her own?


All T, all shade: I'm hesitant to trust Roxxxy's "deep apology moment."

Right after the episode ended, she retweeted one follower who called Jinkx, "Janky Monsoon" and another who said that the whole competition had been unfairly biased in Jinkx's favor.

Then, about 2 hours later, when there was tons of static on Twitter with people calling Roxxxy out, she erased both those retweets, and wrote the apology. If she really did feel ashamed watching the episode, why was her immediate reaction online to encourage name calling and unfair accusations? I guess time will tell.

In terms of how Jinkx did this episode, I think it's one of those ones that reminds me how quickly this happened for them, although it's taken months for us. Jinkx came to the show with a deeply entrenched character, and all of her costumes are wardrobe for that "one role." She wouldn't have had time to go shopping, and she wouldn't have the depth of wardrobe that a non-character (whether pageant or funny) queen would have.

Nowadays, Jinkx definitely has wardrobe that doesn't precisely radiate the same character, but that's because of post-show shopping.


Lora, good points - I think I read somewhere that Jinkx also had to borrow some things from friends because she just didn't have the money to buy some of the things she'd need for the competition. So that explains why some of her looks have been a bit more polished post-show; she's been getting bookings non-stop, so she's probably been able to do a bit more shopping with the extra money coming in. Plus, hopefully she'll have a healthy $100K check to go shopping with soon! ;-)


Hmm, so let me get it straight, you are Team Jinkx from the beginning but in one episode, because she did poorly in the Sugar Ball challenge, you are now Team Alaska? That's all it took for you? Granted this was a very very important challenge, but to me, Jinkx's overall positives and previous performance far far far outweighs the negatives. I also give her slack because it is a fashion challenge which was not her thing and something that can be easily improved upon. That being said, Alaska is wonderful and I would be happy for her if she won. Alaska's final speech was fantastic and it suited her. Something other than what Jinkx said would probably come off disingenuinous. I have major respect that she stayed true to herself no matter what the competition wanted even if she loses because of that.

Anyways, Just found your blog. I really enjoy your writing style. The GIF's are wonderful. Looking forward to your season six recaps :)


^^^ oops, totally misspelled disingenuous.

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