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I never would have caught Roxxxy working on a different project without this recap. Huh, I wonder if she already had an outfit ready for just this challenge and just had to minimally tweak it to fit her partner, or if she's just that good that she had hours of extra time to whip up extra projects.


Flawless recap as per your usual fare! Now, onto my blabberings...

First off, I'm just gonna holler a big "YES GAWD!" that the miserable Coco Montrese was finally shown the door! That was the most satisfying sashay all season. I try to catch all the recaps around the web each week, and there was one that described it pretty aptly - the recapper referred to this seasons episodes of "Untucked" as "the ongoing hostage situation in the Interior Illusions Lounge" - which, exactly! Because dammit, Coco Montrese is why we can't have nice things!

As much as I really am not a fan of Roxxxy's, this was a well-deserved win. And I sucked it up and told her so on Twitter - I condragulated her and told her that her win was well earned, which she "favorited". Ain't that a kick in the pants? The only time any of our queens have given me that little gold star, and it was the one who makes me the second-most mad.

I was worried for our Miss Alaska on this one - I knew Coco would be in the bottom, but I was worried Alaska would be the one she was up against. I think Tom and Lorenzo had an interesting take as to why - they pointed out that Roxxxy had a much tougher time making Iszy into a clone of herself, whereas Alaska maybe *shouldn't* have made a clone of herself. It was too easy - it was like she took the simplest route since Mack was just this tall, pretty canvas that she could have done anything with if she'd wanted to.

As for Jinkxy love and Dave - amazing! Their rapport, Dave's story, their final product was just all so heart-warming, at the risk of sounding hokey. When Dave revealed his AIDS status and then walked away, and Jinkx just had that little moment to collect herself was so moving. Just a brief moment to cry a couple of tears, and then she got her shit together to do what she needed to do for Dave. If you weren't at least sniffly by that time, you'd better turn in your human card!

By the way, re: the Jinkx vs. Popeye pic - when I was in college, we had a few exchange students from Zimbabwe at our school. My buddy Mike taught them to do the Popeye laugh before they ever learned to speak any english!

And you know, you hit the nail on the head with regard to Detox. I've always liked Detox a lot, and I'm hoping that this may be a final three of Jinkx, Alaska and Detox. But you really verbalized all the more human things I've always liked about her, even before we heard about her terribly traumatic back-stories about the ex-boyfriend and her family. She really seems to look out for the other queens when they need some support. She absolutely is the voice of reason when Coco would start shit in the Lounge. But she's clearly a good girlfriend too - handing tissues to poor Alaska when she was crying over Ru throwing Sharon up in her face on the runway. And when Ivy was being eliminated, you could see Detox's hand reaching over several times to gently rub Jinkx's arm as it was happening. She's got a big heart, that's clear. And on the other side of the coin, her talking head/confessionals are funny as hell!

So that brings us to Monday, and I'm a teense nervous. Everyone seems to feel that since there are so few queens left and next week is a sewing/couture challenge, that Jinkx will finally have to LSFYL. Which could be the case, and if so, I think she'd probably be okay. But still - I'd like nothing better than to have her slide right into the final two without having to lip synch! I guess we'll see, but I have an unsettled nervousness for our favorite little redheaded duck!

Thanks for the awesome recap again, babe! Oh, and I favorited the page on FB and shared the link! Xo!


That's a good post.

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