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Miss Fame's boy account is updated daily so I take it she didn't make it.


I'm so excited for adore. I miss her on YouTube, but it's definitely worth it!


There are always multiple Florida queens. Anyone on your radar? I know that Misty Eyez, TP Lords, and Daisy Deadpetals are all still in town and gigging.


Thorough and poignant, as always!


I'm watching April Carrion & Queen Be Ho', they're the most rumored puertorrican queens for this season.


It's time for a Big Girl or a Latina to WIN!!


Chris, thanks for the tip on Miss Fame's boy account!

CG, I don't have any Florida queens on my radar, weirdly (or if I do, I haven't realized they're Florida queens--hometown isn't one of my spreadsheet columns). Florida has felt wildly over-represented lately, though--maybe they're getting a break this year?

Jasmine, I've had April Carrion on my list for a while now; she's in the category of "Wasn't active enough on social media before to tell if she's missing now." I'm definitely keeping an eye on her. ;-) Thanks for the tip on Queen Bee Ho'!


Missy Meyakie LePaige, who works at LaTrice's home bar on South Beach, The Palace, put stricter privacy settings on her Facebook page earlier this month, and I haven't seen pictures of her at any of the Palace events in a while. She hadn't updated anything until Thursday, and that was just a photo change. Do they actually send the girls back home if they get kicked off? Or do they hold them in a hotel?
Anyway, I would say that queens from South Florida have been pretty under represented on the show. Just three in all, and there's a huge drag scene down here. Definitely bigger than Orlando and Tampa's combined. When you have just as many queens from Gainesville as from Miami on the show thats a bit of a discrepancy.


Just a little clarification for Darienne Lake, Rain Lounge is not her home bar, it's a bar about an hour away in Syracuse. William was SYRACUSE for Syracuse Pride, not Rochester.


Danny Noriega's Instagram was back posting about 5 days ago. ... This either mean that adore was screwed lt they're done filming.


Wow, Ben Delacreme looks JUST like Jinkx. Dunno who the dark-wigged queen is next to Ben, though.

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