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WHEEEE!!! I never doubted her for a minute! Congrats, baby girl - a well-earned win indeed!


Alaska was robbed. I have always liked Jinkx - but was always rooting for Alaska to take the crown. The bizzare thing is, by the final episode, I started to find Jinkx left a bitter taste. A sense of entitlement seemed to come over her at the reunion. Ru made big a mistake this year.


I love how all these Alaska fans are swarming the internet diminishing Jinkx's undeniable HIGH scoring record and worse, making pejorative claims about her character. Convenient to ignore Alaska's philosophy "Just do better". And she didn't. You're going to do WHAT with your win? Buy PIZZA?


I haven't seen any Alaska fans "swarming " the internet lol. I have however seen the crazy jinkx army going psychotic and threatening anyone who has anything remotely negative to say about their God jinkx. Jinkx had a few funny moments this season, but she mostly came off as a scenery chewing game player. There's something about her that seemed very insincere. I'm sure she's a very nice person, but I could imagine being around an obnoxious theater kid 24/7 would make me a little roxxxy ish also. Notice how annoying she came off at the reunion without the heavy editing from the show. If it wasn't for the wounded bird edit she got that found her legions of crazed and bullied from childhood fans.... I think Alaska would have been the clear winner.


Oh, and you do realize that Alaska's pizza comment was a joke right? Or were you really thinking that jinkx was going to.become the drag queen advocate for.gay marriage.... oh lawd....


I do agree with "a" who said that by the final episode, I started to find Jinkx left a bitter taste. A sense of entitlement seemed to come over her at the reunion..

It could be that she was much confident during the Reunion/Coronation episode. The isolation of doing reality shows such as RPDR totally throws people off. By isolation, I mean being cut off from support systems,i.e. friends, families, etc.

I do wish Alaska had won instead. OTOH, I understand why Mama Ru crowned the most popular queen according to the RPDR fans. Is it a well-deserved crowned? Jinkx's talented, she's got her own style and has enough charisma to win over the naysayers. My quibble with her win is that, in my book, Alaska has all those things as well.

Here's hoping that the 49th state wins the crown for Season 2 of RPDR All-Stars. Well, if there's another season, of course. ;)


Go check the stats at Wikipedia. See who was in the top more all the way across the board except for the Sugar Ball, and who was in the bottom three more often. Go back and watch the episodes. No mistake was made by Ru - the right person won.

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